My Go-To Lunch: Tortellini

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I'm sure we all have those mornings where you gotta pack a lunch -quick! because you just didn't feel like doing it the night before and you're crunched for time and/or not feeling very creative? Well, I get my fair share of those days and this is the lunch I usually end up packing for my girls. It's my go-to lunch. Lucky for me, they just love it. Whew!

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In this lunch:
  1. Tortellini (here a mix of Trader Joe's Spinach Tortellini and Buitoni's Whole Wheat Three Cheese Tortellini) mixed w/ my favorite jarred spaghetti sauce: Bertolli's Organic Olive Oil, Basil and Garlic Sauce topped w/ Trader Joe's Shaved Grana Padano Parmesan Cheese
  2. In my Lunchbots: Annie's Homegrown Organic White Cheddar Bunnies on the left and Traditional Party Mix on the left, with a "cutie" orange for the one who'll eat it and 2 Nabisco's belVita Breakfast biscuits (which come in a pack of 4) Cinnamon Brown Sugar
  3. Treat of the day: Trader Joe's Natural Black Cherry Gel Cups (they only flavor they like of this brand)
  4. GoGo Squeeze Applesauce: One only likes AppleCinnamon and the other prefers AppleBerry
Funny thing about the tortellini: I recently snuck in the Spinach variety with the plain cheese ones and neither one of them seemed to notice until Little Sis wanted some at home w/ no sauce and totally turned her nose up to it "Eeewwww! What's all that green stuff?" even after putting sauce on it. But she'll still eat it at school - every last tortellini! Go figure. What I LOVE about this lunch, is that their thermoses almost always come back cleaned out completely - and I give 'em at least 20 each!

And they need all those tortellini, because this also turns out to be a "heavy" lunch - ie their lunchboxes are heavy w/ all that stainless steel inside! I'm gonna remember to actually weigh it one of these days. :)


Really like my LunchBots. It's the only other lunchbox system I own, next to my EasyLunchboxes. They go perfectly with my hot thermos meals and the Lunchbox Trio offers me a fun way to pack up their snacks.

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