Weekend of friends, food and soccer!

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What an awesome weekend! It was full of spending time with awesome friends, good eats and lots of soccer! So excited that Little Sis scored her 1st, 2nd and 3rd goals of the season (all in a row) and missed 3 others by mere inches. The sleeping giant has finally awoken. :) The hubby and I loved overhearing parents on the other team calling her "the really tall fast one". :) Big Sis is getting more aggressive out on the field too and is finally starting to turn on some of her stick-legged speed. There's hope for them yet. YAY!! :)

A weekend w/ visiting friends also means a weekend of lots of cooking and eating. :) I made some of their favorite dishes and topped it off w/ an extra special dessert for an extra special friend who's b'day is coming up this week. Happy Early Birthday, Amy! :)

This first picture is of one of my all-time favorite, all-time easy crock pot meals: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. It was perfect for a day on-the-go and SOOO nice to still be able to come to a home cooked hot meal. Found this recipe on allrecipes.com - one of my favorite sites for finding delicious and easy recipes. I've only made this dish like 8 times since I found it last year and it's ALWAYS a hit.

In this meal:
  1. Allrecipes' Slow-cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches served on Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns along w/ baby spinach, tomato, provolone cheese and ranch dressing
  2. Sauteed Okra, onions, green peppers & red chards - veggies c/o my CSA Papa Spuds
  3. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws (though I like Snyder's eatsmart naturals Garden Veggie Sticks better because they have less sodium and still taste great) :o
This second pictured "meal" is a birthday pie. The birthday girl actually prefers apple pie over cakes, so apple pie had she! I combined 2 recipes to make this one, since a little birdy told me she loved apple crumb pies and my favorite apple pie recipe is a 2-crust pie.

Pie recipes:
I took my go-to apple pie recipe: Caramel Glazed Apple Pie and used the crumb topping recipe from this one: Allrecipes Apple Crumb Pie instead of the 2nd pie crust to make the above pie. I used Fuji apples just because that's pretty much the only apple Big Sis likes and therefore what we have on hand.

It was topped off w/ some extra special extra homemade ice cream my "occasionally epicurean" hubby made. He prefers EXTRA CREAMY ice cream instead of the "ice milky" kind I made last time (well excuse me!) so he decided to take matters into his own hands to ala mode our pie w/ Ben & Jerry's Sweet Cream Base Ice Cream. And let me tell ya - it turned out FANTASTIC! I will gladly give him the title of "Ice Cream Man" in our house! :)

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I'm happy to report that the apple pie ala mode was a big hit w/ the adults - YAY!! but not my girls who don't actually like apple pie. Boo! Oh well, they did like "Daddy's Ice Cream" so all was not lost. :)

There was actually another really yummy meal the hubby took charge of: Saturday Night Surf and Turf which consisted of NY strip steaks, shrimp and scallops (I contributed mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus) that I didn't get around to taking pix of 'cause we were all too hungry! I should get that grilled shrimp recipe from him though because it was rather delish.

Ok, that's it for now. I've got a busy week ahead of me filled with lots of vball and indoor paining (worthy of a future post) and sadly won't be very bloggy this week... which may just kill me a little bit. :)

Have a wonderful week! :)

Shout outs:
EasyLunchBoxes - You know I love ya Kelly!
Allrecipes.com for so many pretty awesome recipes
Papa Spuds CSA - love their awesome produce delivered right to my doorstep!!

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Rachel said...

Can't wait to get an ELB! They can just hold about everything, can't they?

That sandwich sounds REALLY good -- I think I'm going to need to add it to our meal plan next week.

happyvballgirl said...

Yes, they are completely awesome. I so love that it's just 2 pieces to wash (unless, of course, you throw more stuff in there). :)

THanks, Rachel! Hope you enjoy the sandwiches as much as we do! :)

Anna Adden said...

I want to try those buffalo chicken sandwiches! Thanks for linking up to Leftovers on Fridays