Treasure Map Pizza and Blog Hop Withdrawal

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Well, my first blog hop/giveaway has officially come to an end, as the 3 winners of the $75 shopping sprees at Allthingsforsale giveaway were announced this morning - congrats to the three of them (and I'm jealous)!! :)
Bento Bloggers and Friends Giveaway Winners

What a great success the whole thing was! And what a learning curve it was going from: "Hmm, I think I'll start a blog, now how do I do that?" to participating in my first blog hop (after figuring out what a blog hop even was!) 13 days later. Learned so much along the way and had way too much fun! Can't believe what talented and creative company I'm keeping - they are all completely awesome, aren't they?!?! :)

Really cool was going through the entire blog hop (all 39 hops - whew) w/ my girls, one standing on either side of me. I was about deaf by the end of it with all the screaming, "oohing" and "aahhing" they were doing at ALL of the fabulous lunches that were posted! They SOOO loved looking for that black Jolly Roger blog hop button and would yell wildy at me if I scrolled past one. They also made me read through all of the WONDERFUL SWEET AWESOME comments that were left and we ALL got a good laugh at the comments that referred to my little pirate as a boy. My sweet little 8 year-old daughter (who was about 5 in the picture) responded with "What the...?!?!" (nice, I know) when I read her the first one and we just laughed louder w/ each one. Thanks so much to everyone who commented! In case you don't already know, comments are WAY COOL! :)

Well, after finishing the blog hop, Big Sis got it in her head that she wanted to eat pizza for dinner. Not just any pizza but a treasure map pizza, like the one Laura had posted on her blog:

Thanks a lot Laura!! (be sure to read that w/ a snotty tone - LOL!) :) I was game, BUT, I didn't have round pizza bread, not to mention I had no idea what those little black dots were even made out of - black sesame seeds? Is there even such a thing??) and Big Sis didn't want the broccoli on it nor the pepper that made the 'X' - SHEESH!!! Kids are such a pain in the ass sometimes!!! So this is what she ended up with. I know, it PALES in comparison, but she was happy with it which means so was I. :)

This pizza dinner was made using:
  1. Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Tandoori Naan. I tell ya, this stuff is SOOO good and makes FABULOUS pizzas, quick and easy.
  2. Kraft's Low-Moisture, Part Skim shredded mozzarella cheese 
  3. Hormel's Mini pepperoni's (very soon to be replaced by Applegate Pepperoni)
  4. 2 miniscule shredded carrots
  5. Trader Joe's frozen peas (my girls' favorite because they are SMALL and easy to choke down - haha!) w/ a little butter and salt
  6. Cooked carrots care of my CSA Papa Spuds (peeled, cut, boiled in water w/ a dash of salt until tender)
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Finally, here are some blog stats, for those of you who are interested:
Prior to blog hop:
Total view: 374 (of which probably about 100 were from my own clicks before I figured out you could actually turn this off!)
Most popular post: Lunches w/ flower power w/ 120 hits
Total number of comments on all 7 posts I'd written (not including my own): 10
Members: 0 :(

Post blog hop:
Total views: 889  Wowzers!!
Most popular post: Talk Like A Pirate Blog Hop w/ 418 hits (so far)
Total number of comments on just the blog post: 37!!
Members: 5 (yay!)

Coolness! But now I've been spoiled and going through withdrawal from the flurry of activity as the number of views and comments have nearly come to a grinding halt. That just means I can't wait for the next hop! :)

So feel free to come join my blog. I won't mind at all. Really. I promise. hee hee. :)

Laura for makin' that fabulous pirate lunch. Love it! :)
Allthingsforsale - home of really cute bento supplies
Bento Bloggers and Friends - for making it happen! Go join now to get updates on the next hop!


Lau-raw said...

Oh! I feel so honoured! I love your pizza and now I want one with lots of mushrooms! LOL! Please let your beautiful girls know that I send them a big hug from MEXICO!! :)

happyvballgirl said...

Awwww, you're so sweet. Will do, Laura, they'll love it!! They were so enthralled by your blogsite, esp when the older one saw it was in Spanish. :)

berrygirl@mommy kiki can! said...

Fun Post! It's funny I always have to be prepared if my girls see a cool bento while I oldest is usually like "Oooh, is that for me tomorrow?" Uhh sure, that tiny sculpture of the Mona Lisa done with problem. ^o^!! But, seriously great jump into things with your blog, should be even more popular for the Halloween season! Can't wait!

happyvballgirl said...

Awwww, you're so sweet, Kiki!! Thanks, girl!! :) And yes, i try to surf when they aren't around - they're always like, "Wait! Go back! What was that? I want that!" blah blah blah. :)