Hi there! I'm Christine and welcome to My Epicurean Adventures, a little blog about this stay-at-home mom's adventures in trying to raise a happy, healthy family and having as much fun as possible along the way. 

I started this blog right about when my youngest daughter started kindergarten. By that time, I was packing lunches for 2, one picky (Big Sis), one eat-anything (Little Sis) and both allergic to peanuts or tree nuts. The blog was a fun creative outlet for me to share with you the simple yet interesting enough lunches I packed for them. Now that my girls have gotten older, while I still pack them daily lunches, life has gotten much busier w/ all of their sporty and musical activities and hectic so I find that I've mostly used it to keep track of my family's favorite recipes. Some that I've ran across over the internet and some I've created or added my own touch to.

I've definitely let it get away from me a bit, it's time to do some spring cleaning by getting rid of some old posts, better organizing of them and hopefully easier access to them! There are some gems in there, but unless you know exactly what you're looking for like I do, it may be hard to actually find them, so bear with me!

Warning: May include harrowing accounts of cooking & recipe-sharing, bento lunch-making for my little nut-allergic girlies, crafting, home organizing, volleyballing, Pinterest-ing, traveling and maybe a little whining along the way. :)

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