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I've been packing lunches for my girls for about 10 years now and here are some of the reasons why I started:
  1. Both of girls have severe peanut/tree-nut allergies (one to tree-nuts only, one to both)
  2. One of my girls started out as a very picky eater
  3. That same girl is also a veeeerrrrry sllooooooow eeeeaaaaater
  4. Reduce waste, both food and packaging
  5. HealthIER eating
  6. More time to eat, ie not stand in long/slow lines during short lunch periods
  7. Get primo lunch seating because they don't have to stand in line to buy lunch
Most of these reasons still stick, some not as much, but for the past few years now, my girls have been exclusively taking lunch, mostly for reason 6 & 7 (lol), which naturally leads me to:

PACKING DAILY LUNCHES GETS REALLY OLD, REALLY FAST!! over the years, I've become more streamlined and even more no-nonsense than I've ever been when it comes to lunch-packing. Sorry, you won't find many cutesy lunches here! lol.

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Here are some things that really help my sanity. Maybe they'll help yours as well!

Finding the right gear for various kinds of lunches will make lunch packing a whole lot easier and even more fun! Here are some staples that I just can't live without anymore.

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EasyLunchboxes were my first ever bento box. I found them online after I got sick and tired of washing the million small containers and lids I used to pack Big Sis' snacks & lunches. They were exactly what I was looking for: 2 pieces with divided compartments, affordable and durable. I STILL have some from my original set today (about 8 years later), in addition to the second set I bought because I used them and loved them so much. These, by design, are not leak-proof so little hands can open and close them easily, so I purchased a set of leak-proof Little Dippers, too, for the occasional drippy side.
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