Thursday, July 31, 2014

BBF Back-to-School Blog Hop and Giveaway

With back-to-school right around the corner for many of us, my fellow Bento Bloggers and Friends and I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a fun Back-to-School Giveaway. It's open worldwide (sweet!) with an awesome bento prize for each region. To enter, collect the pieces found on the end each of the posts in the blog hop and answer the 2 mandatory questions. "Like" our sponsors on Facebook to unlock more entry options. To hop, simply click on the blog hop button or hyperlink towards the bottom of this post.

For me, the first day of this new school year has already come and gone as we attend year-round schools. In fact, we have just started our first "track out" which means after 3 weeks of school (the start is always a little odd for our track), we are out for three weeks and then we will start our more regular 9 weeks "on" and 3 weeks "off" schedule. I gotta say, I love it! Gives me a break just about when we all need it, from the daily grind of making lunches and getting kids off to school. But even with just a week off between grades, I felt fresh and recharged and ready to start the new year. I hope you guys have enjoyed your summer, whatever schedule you guys are on, and will be rarin' to start off your new school year, too!

This is what I sent the girls on their first day of school this year. Pictured is Little Sis' lunch. Big Sis' was very similar but without the fresh fruit. lol. and *sigh* Got this awesome recipe from my favorite new cookbook from Laura Fuentes, the founder of MOMables: Best Homemade Kids Lunches Planet. It's just the thing you need to get yourself off on the right foot!

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Here are some "How-To" tutorials I've written up in the past, that makes lunches (and packing them) a little more fun for everyone. :) How to make...


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And now hop on over to: Sarah of Green Lunches Green Kids to see what awesome back-to-school lunch and/or tips she has for you!

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Sarah Paterson-Farrand said...

My sushi roll sandwiches never turn out quite right, but love your tutorial. Great lunch!

Candy Girl said...

Your roll-ups look delish! I'm looking forard to getting a copy of that cookbook!

Jackie LovingLunches said...

Gorgeous lunch! Love your Uncrustables tutorial