Friday, October 12, 2012

PB&J Uncrustables

♫♪♫ Peanut buttah and jelly. That's all I put in my belly. Just a peanut buttah and jelly...♫♪♫ Any one else remember that song from "Welcome Back Kotter"?!? I don't know how many times I've sung this since I heard it. Maybe a million!?!? :)

Hey all!

This is just a quickie post since I've been all tied up these past few days w/ painting my living room and kitchen w/ my awesome mother-in-law, but I just couldn't stay completely away so I'm sneaking this one in. :)

This is actually the first sandwich I made using the awesome "uncrustable maker" I bought from Allthingsforsale last month. This PB&J "Uncrustables" is for Big Sis but NOT Little Sis as Little Sis is severely allergic to peanuts (but not tree nuts). Big Sis is severely allergic to tree nuts (cashews, actually) but not peanuts. How crazy is that!?!?! ANYWAY, I'm happy to report this lunch was a hit w/ Big Sis: "MOMMY!! Your sandwich was just like the uncrustables they sell in school!" and not a crumb was left. I guess *sometimes* it's a good thing to look just like a school lunch?!!?

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In this lunch:
  • Fruit kebabs of blueberries, raspberries and cantaloupe on sword toothpicks I bought at Walmart
  • Veggie Sticks - Snyder's EatSmart Naturals Garden Veggie Sticks - my girls love them AND they are lower in sodium than so many of the other brands out there. LOVE these veggie sticks!!
  • Uncrustable: Nature's Own Whole Wheat Bread stuffed w/ peanut butter and Smuckers Simply Fruit Seedless Blackberry Spreadable Fruit 
  • Peeled Snacks' deliciously crunchy Apple Clusters - be sure to try Berry Crunch Apple Clusters!!
  • And HOMEMADE Cheese-Its!!!
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Only thing to note is that the bread I use is a wee too small for this cutter. Phooey! But no worries, I made it still work by first lining up the bottom crust w/ the cutter guides, then did a flip-turn and lined the top crust along the guide to finish it off. Worked like a charm!
For another "Uncrustable" idea, check out this post: The Uh-mazing Uncrustables!

  1. EasyLunchBoxes - love my ELB's & Little Dippers!!
  2. My favorite Bento supplier @ All Things For Sale. It's where I got this awesome cutter:
 Japanese Bento Accessories Sandwich Cutter New Design

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Christine, aka happyvballgirl :)

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Rachel said...

My daughter loves those vegetable fry chips!

bentodays said...

Those Cheese-Its look yummy, I will definitely try making those one of these days!

Mamabelly said...

Homemade Cheezits? Yum! Wonderful lunch! Happy Peanut Butter Day!

Sarah said...

Fantastic! Love the clusters and homemade crackers.. box some up and send them my way!

Cristi said...

Boy do I feel like a Goober, i don't know that song from Welcome Back Kotter! I've seen some episodes of the show but clearly not all of them :P
Way to go with the homemade cheese crackers! Baking impresses me, and yours look good too! And thanks for linking up to Happy Peanut Butter Day!